Muse – noun:

 1. somebody who inspires artist: someone who is a source of inspiration for an artist, especially a poet

 2. artist’s inspiration: the source of inspiration that stimulates an artist, especially a poet

3. artist’s particular talent: the gift or talent of an artist, especially a poet







 Judith Campbell








During an exhibition, these photographs and the following poem were handed to me by a complete stranger in response to my work on the heath.  It was one of those very special moments.



 for Judith Campbell


Should you approach them

  they will keep silent

           though sly sounds filter

                from shifty undergrowth.


    As you sidle past them

                       they appear to ignore you

                      yet you’ll sense exposure

                   to the seasons’ ferment.


              When you depart from them

                             they’ll spare nothing for you

                   but you may take a turn

                            towards a half-known place.


                                                                                                           Bob Ward

                                                                                                            May 2003