Brush with Nature

first installed February 2009

David’s mist

image taken by photographer David Lincoln

Frances’ woodcut


woodcut which includes Salthouse Church and the sea, by artist, Frances High, in response to Brush with Nature

Vanessa and Billy



photographs taken by  Vanessa Vargo in May 2009, with Billy

Trevor Ashwin

archeologist, prehistorian and artist


“As I said, it was striking how your installation became a very interesting talking point for us all on my most recent Salthouse tour. For me, it has evoked the ephemeral nature of the prehistoric dwellings of the barrow era, which may actually have been quite sophisticated and comfortable but which have left no trace whatever for us now. Contrasting these with the permanence of the mounds (or at least those on the surviving heath!) after thousands of years is very thought provoking. In an era where there was no permanent settlement at all, of the kind we are used to in today’s villages etc., were the barrow cemeteries perhaps the fixed points in the landscape – the ‘hubs’, as it were, around which all other human activities gently rotated?”

Trevor Ashwin,  commenting on the Brush with Nature installation on Salthouse Heath, after leading a party on a guided walk of the Salthouse neolithic barrows in the autumn of 2010.

Vanessa Vargo

designer and fine artist


My gift of redcurrants in a bindweed ‘basket’ resulted in these images by Vanessa Vargo


Kathleen MacFarlane

international textile and fine artist

Open studios with Kathleen MacFarlane in her garden 2004


infront of a ‘red circles’ piece

and infront of her studio

photographs by Alison MacFarlane