At the end of the Iron Road:

Handmade vessels from different coloured ‘clay’ exposed by spring high tides and rough weather collected from Salthouse beach – as yet this is greenware – experiments to follow . . . . . . .

Blakeney WatchHouse clay pots:

fired this amazing colour and texture . . .




Ennui 2020-2021

7 figures coping with this aspect of the pandemic:

all strung up

some terrified

some terrifying

bound by ‘natural’ materials

to each other

or separated        By Order

hazel hemp parcel string sisal jute wool pine  21.4  x 52 cms

Not framed  – on pine block length 52 cms  wall hanging fixings on back

Shadows . . . .


Joe’s wood/shadow drawing:


Last Heath Fire

(only sadly, it wasn’t)